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Monday, November 27, 2006

cant wyth deg tri

1. This email from Chris:
Sent : 27 November 2006
To : "Ceryn Oakes"
Subject : 27th

Ceryn - if you are reading this on 27th - naughty naughty

You should be having the day off - find something absorbing to do.

- That's what I get for writing when my days off are in my prayer letter!

2. Lorna's text.

3. Food that reminds me of when I was little.

4. Chatting to Barbara on MSN.

I wanna feel just like before, before the rain came in my door

cant wyth deg - cant wyth deg dau

UPCU Houseparty:

Hover tripping
wave riding
towel pinching
leaf kicking
prayer walking
wind blowing
mud throwing
truth sowing
"it's's's the Mr Christmas man!".
leg fighting
friendship making
idea planting
soul pouring

Home to:

hugs from Kat!

mixed up days

Friday, November 24, 2006

cant saith deg naw

SLOBS + chocolate.

see you on the island

Thursday, November 23, 2006

cant saith deg wyth

Road trips with Jess.

Meeting Bournemouth CU. Lots of fun and great food with the exec. Getting excited about mission week.

Approaching midnight, trundling down the M27, longing to be in bed; onto the radio comes the Dirty Dancing theme...Jess turning it up loud and both of us singing louder and very out of tune.

bones in the wardrobe?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

cant saith deg saith

Waking up after a good night's sleep thinking "Ooh, I feel rested...that'll be the day off then."

Pasta-vision with Kath and Jess. All of us tired, but all of us a team, and all of us needing God.

Letter from Colin and Sue (plus money - God is good!) that actually made me laugh out loud.

God's faithfulness.

sometimes I run

cant saith deg chwech

Roz and Kath texting me within 30 minutes of each other with subtle reminders that it's my day off...

A HUGE bar of Dairy Milk posted through the letter box for me! (Thankyou Sarah!)

Cinema with Jess. So nice to chill and have time off together!

the name's...

Monday, November 20, 2006

cant saith deg pump

Teifion's testimony and baptism.

Lunch by the harbour with lovely students.

the sun has got his hat on

Saturday, November 18, 2006

cant saith deg pedwar

Kat's texts/phone call.


Kath's talk - or rather God, through Kath's talk - hitting me straight between the eyes (again, again) with the fact that it doesn't matter how weak or foolish I am...coz it's all about Him. A Very Good Thing. Finally giving into it after a whole day...

Seeing Oli and Rachel :-) This made me TREMENDOUSLY happy! Oli's talk on prepping for mission - his passion and excitement showing right through.

Portsmouth students. They make me smile.

Teaching the students 'Big booty'.

White hot chocolate with Jess.

Having a flash of inspiration on the train home and writing half my seminar for houseparty. That means I can have Monday off!

from darkness to light in your arms

cant saith deg tri

Me and will and God.

Arwen replying to my text within two hours.

yesterday's todays just fade away

Thursday, November 16, 2006

cant saith deg dau

Giving in and having a day off, which meant I got to read lots, sleep lots...and watch 'Murder She Wrote'!

Kath's surprise visit...with chocolate!


cant saith deg un

LT meeting - getting excited about mission week!

Food at/with 275.

Speaking to Nana.

not long now

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

cant saith deg

Praying with Kath and Jess.


Letter from Kat.

Being reminded of our identity in God with Lorna.

early to bed

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

cant chwe deg naw

Jess coming to play, I mean plan...

Oli's phonecall.

Simon's talk at CU. Not wanting to be there coz I was so tired, God prodding me to let Him in...finally giving in.

way you're talking now this could be alright

Sunday, November 12, 2006

cant chwe deg wyth

Going for a walk along the beach after church with Issy and Zarah.

Abi's phonecall.

Chatting to Adelle, finally!

don't think they'd understand

cant chwe deg saith

Going on the hovercraft!

Spending the day with Kat, Issy and Zarah.

I don't want the world to see me

Friday, November 10, 2006

cant chwe deg pedwar - cant chwe deg chwech

Road trip.
Five. Yes.
Marcus Honeysett.
Happily relaxed.
Missing my Porstmouth crew.
Relay buddies.
Lovely new (and old) staff.
Cathy and John. Really, I'm speechless.
Emma's bed.
Watching Neighbours coz 'it's what we do'.
Relay girl time.
Chats with Kath.
Relay car.
JessPaulPaulJess coat.
The beach.
Olly's expedition.

Sharing, caring, crying, giving, planning, learning, knowing, praying, receiving, laughing, relaxing, praising.
20-questions road trip.
Mel and Margaret's card.

Relay rock 'n' Relay roll

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

cant chwe deg tri

Lunch with Jo.

MUCH laughter with the 275 crew and Kath tonight :-). Plus, most definitely, the hospitality of the 275 crew!


Generally, a day where I loved my job. Praise the Lord!

"nice! oh did I say that out loud?"

Monday, November 06, 2006

cant chwe deg dau

Mary's text.

Listening to/reading about how great God is, and consequently feeling very happy :-)

Doctor being especially lovely and helpful.

Hearing about people becoming Christians.

Meeting more freshers.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

cant chwe deg un

Afternoon stroll on the beach.

Knowing that grace is enough. More than enough.

no, just cooked

cant chwe deg

Zarah enjoying her 3rd birthday party.

Jen's face when I said hello...!

Carey bonfire.

Reading faces. Ahhh.

Driving. I miss driving.

six feet from the edge

cant pum deg naw

Nathan and Gethin arriving...

Watching the sun set over Portsmouth harbour from the top of the Spinnaker Tower.

Nathan being incredibly generous with his money. "Well, gotta look after you people." (I think he meant Relay workers.) Realising a transition has been made from being the big sister who always pays and looks after the little ones, to them not being so little and starting to look after me...fighting the pride so I can enjoy the feeling!

Chinese food, Ice Age 2, and a little piece of home in Portsmouth.

Altogether a rather nice day off.

it's nice innit

Thursday, November 02, 2006

cant pum deg wyth

Liz's text.

Roz's email.

News from Reading - 'it's all official'.

SLOBS - excitement, joy, questions, studying the Bible together, and much laughter and cheesy songs...I love those guys (an appropriate amount).

everyone's a winner

cant pum deg saith

LT meeting with Michael Ots, planning mission week. Seeing excited faces betraying excited hearts. Knowing that there's a whole lot to plan, but we've got a great God.

Steve eating ice cream and gravy, and being ok with it.

Michael's SatNav totally failing to do its job.

everywhere is there

cant pum deg chwech

Soupervision. Ha!

Planning stuff together.

Dozing on Jess's sofa while her and Kath type the team's names into Google, hearing their giggles somewhere in the land between awake and asleep.

Dinner at Lorna's and reminding each other that we are children of God, not slaves of culture.

Random drive with housemates to a random country pub, and then sitting on Portsdown hill together, pretending we're warm when actually it's freezing.

from up here I feel free

cant pum deg pump

Ah, Relay day.

Meeting Jess on the train and instantly feeling relaxed despite staring down the barrel of a busy week.

Bonding over washing/drying/putting away.

Honest chats and honest prayers.

A walk in the fresh, fresh air in the lush green countryside. GREEN. There's still green in the world. I'd almost forgotten.

Good chat with Kath on the drive home (to be fair I did most of the talking).

Fishfinger butties, cups of tea, Neighbours for the second time that day, and a very bouncy Kath to relax and laugh with.

Really feeling the Portsmouth love at the CU meeting - wanting to hug every member of the LT and tell them how excited I am at their passion for God.

Sinking into a soft warm bed and sleeping the night away.

it's the sound of the underground

cant pum deg pedwar

Hearing Linvoy Primus give his testimony at the CEx (Christianity Explored) launch night.

Being sat next to young Christians so enthusiastic and excited about their salvation, giving each other advice about stuff they've struggled with, and loving the Christian community.

gender neutral smeutral