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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Kat and Issy made me smile and laugh a lot today - mostly without really trying! I needed it. Thanks guys :-) lalala, leeleelee...

Issy wanted me to accentuate my Welsh accent all day, so I did! Nice to make her smile!

And this...


Tuesday, May 30, 2006


My computer speakers haven't been working properly.

Today Issy's friend Alex took us to Morrison's (he's amazing!) and then we followed him to PC World and Maplins.

I saw some speakers.

Issy bought them for me!

"You're doing Relay and gonna be living off pasta and rice every day, I'm gonna be working soon, I'll buy them" (or words to that effect!) was her reply to my protestations. I actually could have cried, right there in front of the PC World security guard.

Issy's amazin' :-)

Monday, May 29, 2006



The title of this blog is probably slightly misleading, as it won't display ALL things amazing. Obviously that's probably not possible! But it won't even display all the amazing things in my day to day life...just one special moment each day that I may otherwise have taken for granted, or forgotten, were it not for the amazing idea Becci had. Go check out her blog, she'll explain it better than me!

As for amaaaaazin' - well that's a bit of a catchphrase of mine.

As for the amazing thing for day one (which, in the title, is in Welsh btw!) - well I reckon just starting this blog!

But as it's the first day may I be allowed two things amaaaaazin'...

I've just spent some time catching up with a friend who graduated last year. And then we went to see some other friends.

Good times.

Sitting in John Lewis eating breakfast, rain outside then sun, then hail! then sun...chatting about Grace.

Then sat on a sofa, watching friends chat, laughing a lot, catching up, listening to how Tim's grown so much in God over the last year, all the things he's learnt...and just being.

Just taking it all in, savouring the moment, savouring the fellowship.

I don't know when we'll meet up again. Growing up is strange. People move.

But there's something so special about the times when you're together again.

It's amazing.