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Saturday, October 28, 2006

cant pum deg tri

An amaaazin' night's sleep last night.

Day off!!! = Fun with Jess.

Chat with mam.

Reading chats on MSN.

Jo's unbloggable quote.


cant pum deg dau

Issy's text.

Lunch with Emma.

Sitting on the beach reading about prayer...feeling the wind on my face, seeing the different levels/shapes/sizes/colours of cloud, hearing a little boy laugh as a wave catches him too close to the edge...and being moved to stop reading about prayer and start praying.

my little pumpkin

Friday, October 27, 2006

cant pum deg un

Meeting with Lorna.

Chat with Kat (hehe I'm a poet...)

it's all about the ironing

Thursday, October 26, 2006

cant pum deg

Seeing Kath.

Card from Kat.

Relay chats - specifically Paul and his email!

i wonder where you are

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

cant pedwar deg naw

An impromptu visit to Chichester to meet Jess.

Chat, fun, weird film, more fun, more chat, prayer, and relaxation.

Specifcally, Jess knocking over my glass in Caffe Nero and making a very loud noise. Oh and also us both trying to control our hysterics at the short film before the film.

there's just no-one left

cant pedwar deg wyth

Getting a text from Rachel Herbert (hehe that still makes me smile!)

Finding out that my new doctor is lovely and really wants to help.

Phonecall from Dave T - no matter how long passes where we don't talk, that guy always knows the right thing to say. What a brother!

Tim R is engaged!

Dave Fenton's talk on worship at CU. "The next time a 'worship leader' tells me we're gonna enter a time of worship, I'm gonna shoot him." Wanting to cheer loud agreement with pretty much everything he said. Settling for nodding my head vigorously.

People at CU signing up to help with Friends International stuff.

it's a long old road but if you hold my hand I'll take the first step

Monday, October 23, 2006

cant pedwar deg saith

Being reminded that God is a daddy who holds my hand in the hard times (and good!), not a strict father looking down from a distance.

Sunday Night Live - SO many people, good responses, and a motivated CU. (And a God who rocks!)

Katie's email.

Chatting to Kat on MSN.

so hold me

cant pedwar deg chwech

Spending the day with Kat.

Gift from my church.

one potato two potato

Saturday, October 21, 2006

cant pedwar deg pump

Feeling slightly better.

Making banana muffins.

Chatting to Nana.

Knowing that Kat will be here in less than 24 hours...

it's like speaking English, but not

Friday, October 20, 2006

cant pedwar deg pedwar

A day of 365 texts/phone calls:

Lorna, Kat, Issy, Helen, Jason, Jenny B, Billy, Kath.

'there is nothing worse than a sore throat, its effects are exceedingly ill'

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

cant pedwar deg tri

Iain's text.

Students with a passion for God's glory.

Kath's text.

Spending an entire afternoon utterly convicted that God is good, sovereign, has better plans than ours and works everything for His glory.

Gareth's email.

Heartfelt prayers.

Students thinking about doing Relay.

Teifion teaching pole dancers how to properly climb poles...

does it have to be this way again?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

cant pedwar deg dau

Finding my keys.

A GREAT meeting with Kath and Clare (Friends International, Portsmouth)

Making Jo smile.

Kath's email!

Spending most of my evening on the phone but that being a good thing coz I got to speak to Abi AND Ros AND Rosie. Yeah.

even the curtains know my name

cant pedwar deg un

Kath and Jess...supervision day is always my 365 for the simple reason that it's always great! Specific to this one though was Kath mixing all her words up ALL DAY!

The CU meeting. Romans 8:1-4. Reading faces. People excited about Word Alive.

it's always sunny in Bognor...almost.

Monday, October 16, 2006

cant pedwar deg

1. Meeting more freshers.

Freshers telling me exciting stories about telling their hallmates about Jesus.

Freshers telling me exciting stories about what God's been doing in their lives.

"Oh, you're in the same hall as me, yay!" followed by freshers getting to know each other.

Nearly all the freshers choosing the church search church that had a free lunch going.

Ahh, freshers...

2. Long text convo with Gethin.

3. The bungee sheep in Sarah's car

excitable excitedness

Sunday, October 15, 2006

cant tri deg naw

Nathan's email.

Having energy enough to get outta the house and have fun at Lizzie's birthday party!

as cool as pie and chips

Friday, October 13, 2006

cant tri deg wyth

Card from Abi.

Rosie and Sam...!

of all the things to forget

Thursday, October 12, 2006

cant tri deg saith

Ros's comment on my blog.

Feeling good despite tiredness and acheyness.

finger twister

cant tri deg chwech

Realising that what I've been studying actually has gone in and actually is amazing and actually has changed me :)

Kat's phonecall.

maybe different ain't so bad

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

cant tri deg pump

Being thoroughly honest with Kath and Jess...scary but good and a great time of chatting and prayer to follow.

Fun chilling time with housemates.

just don't say the words!

cant tri deg pedwar

Spending the day with the South East crew.

A welcome back hug from Jo when I got back to Portsmouth.

The CU meeting.


cant tri deg tri

Carey - ahhh! Seeing the students just keep coming and being reminded that God has been working in Reading as well as Portsmouth!

Friends who just know you.

back on the up side of down

cant tri deg dau

Spending the day with Issy and Zarah.

Being back in Reading.

lost in a hall of mirrors

Friday, October 06, 2006

cant tri deg un

Getting absolutely SOAKED through on the way to the prayer meeting this morning. Being joined by other soaked through people.

The fire brigade turning up to check on the BBQ we had this evening!

today I mostly like tea

cant tri deg

The first CU meeting of term. Yeah.

Dad's email.

it's just gonna follow wherever I go

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

cant dau ddeg naw

Having the energy to get up and go to the prayer meeting.

Lorna's prayer for the CU. God giving her the passion in her heart to pray that prayer.

People signing up to the fresher's stand. Managing to have some good chats with people who didn't sign up.

Covering a wall and a half of my room in photos.

this competition could get way outta hand

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

cant dau ddeg wyth

Driving down to the beach with Kath and Jess; windows down, sunroof open, 'Summer of 69' blasting out the speakers...and Jess choosing to 'woop' just as we drove past a policeman!

Oh and Jess saying the words "I want to blog"!

together we can make jam...only together mind you

cant dau ddeg saith

Finding my way around a little bit more of Portsmouth.

Giving out sweets to freshers.

Meeting/getting to know better some more UPCU ppl and really feeling more settled.

Being AMAZINGLY excited about God and freshers week!

oooh that's it now, we're past the 'acquaintance' stage

Sunday, October 01, 2006

cant dau ddeg chwech

Really not wanting to get outta bed this morning. Getting up, and then thinking 'Hang on, it's fresher's week! We get to meet freshers and tell them about Jesus!' - and promptly being like a bottle of pop all day.

Meeting the hall group leaders and getting excited with them about hall groups.

Lucy wandering around all lost trying to kill time with an hour left before she can go to church. Telling her to go to read a book. Lucy surfacing from her room nearly two hours later.
Me: "Why are you here?"
Lucy: "Eh?!"
Me: "What happened to church?"
Lucy: (confused look, looks at her watch) "Oh no, I forgot to go to church!"
Me: "Oh dear" (laughs a lot)
Lucy: "Now I'm in trouble"
Me: "Yep. Or there's grace."

they just get smaller every year