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Saturday, September 30, 2006

cant dau ddeg pump

Spending the day with Jess.

good grief, that's got a bit of a kick to it

Friday, September 29, 2006

cant dau ddeg pedwar

Roz's emails.

Feeling better this afternoon and prepping stuff for Sunday - and absolutely loving it.

I wanna turn this whole thing upside down

Thursday, September 28, 2006

cant dau ddeg tri

Kat coming to visit. And being so great about the fact that I felt rubbish and had no energy to take her places or do stuff. Making me feel less frustrated. (Yep, I'm still learning.)

so do you like chickens or something?

cant dau ddeg dau

The amazin BLT sarnie I had for lunch. Made all the better by the fact I made it myself. Made all the better by watching Neighbours whilst eating it.

Chatting to Nana on the phone, it's been too long.

Sitting down to do some prep thinking "I just don't know where to start, I can't do this". And then just 10 minutes later totally loving it.

right now I'd quite like to be dreaming

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

cant dau ddeg un

Ahhh...the whole day!

LOTS of laughter with Jess and Kath - haven't laughed like that for a while! Relaxing. Being reminded together that Jesus IS better than everything. Being hoenst with each other, praying with/for each other, knowing that God has us all in the palm of His hand, and that's the best place.

Jess's excited kid-at-Christmas expression when we walked into Fat Face....and then her amazing self control at putting stuff back on the hangers and walking out the shop (despite going down the escalator to the car park, back up the escalator to Fat Face for 'one more look').

Making up freshers packs with some of the exec. I...AM.....EXCITED!!!!!

Chinese with some of the exec, getting to just chill with them and chat.

Coming to home to my housemates going 'Let's do something crazy'...and driving down to the beach at 10pm with a crazy trike thing fitting the bill perfectly.

Looking at the sea, and the stars, and going "Wow,"

Writing "Wow. God exists. And He's COOL" in big letters in the sand.

Waxoman rules ok

Monday, September 25, 2006

cant dau ddeg

Chatting to Liz on the phone.

Doing some more decorating of my room!

E-card from Helen.

tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow

cant un deg naw

My room looking like my room!

Liz's email.

God's grace.

'what if the family turned to Jesus, stopped asking Oprah what to do?'

cant un deg wyth

Jo arriving - the house is full!

Walking along the beach.

Mam and dad being lovely and buying me stuff. And food.

I get it now

cant un deg saith

Mam and dad arriving (finally!)

Boxes boxes everywhere

cant un deg chwech

Having enough energy in the evening to go have a meal with Hannah.

I got nothin'

Thursday, September 21, 2006

cant un deg pump

Supervision day:-

good chat with Kath;

Jess's AMAAAAAAZIN' flat;

good pizza;

good Bible study;

good Neighbours;

good, hard, needed questions;

honesty with others meaning I have to be honest with myself...and that being good;

paddling in the sea;

praying on the beach;

good friends.

"Do they even know what a laptop is?"

So seriously, is this really my job?!

cant un deg pedwar

The very nice lady at Portsmouth City Council.

Getting excited about theology.

Letter, photos and sweets from Kat - my first post in Portsmouth!

that's just the way it goes

cant un deg tri

Exploring Portsmouth - being very proud of myself that I managed to find the station, town, and Gunwharf and get back home again all by myself without really getting lost.

Being very humbled by the fact that I got lost getting home from Tesco Express round the corner - so much so that what should have been a ten minute walk took me 40.

Karl and Susan.

will it always be this surreal?

cant un deg dau

My first Sunday in Portsmouth - feeling so welcomed at church. Getting to know some people from church. Getting to know some students.

"Oh so you're the new...erm...the new...uh...the new...the new Sam!"


cant un deg un

Lunch with Jen.

Getting to Portsmouth, feeling weird, and Lucy and Sian being very lovely.

this is it then

cant wyth-cant deg

Team days...

the hospitality of the people I stayed with;

the fact that you can walk into the home of stranger and leave the home of a friend/brother or sister in Christ;

Peter's talk on the gospel/world mission;

praying with Jess and Carolina;

'oh no I've done a Gareth'

praying with the team.

I don't feel like dancing, no sir, no dancing today

cant saith

Surprising Issy.

Spending evening with Issy, Zarah, Kat and Karen.

everybody makes me jump

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

cant chwech

Spending a couple of hours with Nana, even if it did mean dealing with an awkward bank. Seeing her smile in the midst of the frustration.

The feeling of being able to hear out of my left ear again! Headcolds, grr.

Cwtches a-plenty from Luc. "Ceryn, you just sit there and I'm going to put 'Blue Planet' on coz it'll teach you things."

Ros and Dave.


I think I'd like to get off now

Sunday, September 10, 2006

cant pump

Roy getting me up the front in church to pray for me.

God really moving in our congregation this morning.

Chatting to Margaret after the service; her telling me she often feels small and helpless and like nobody could ever accept the gospel; where she feels that as a grandmother she has nothing to offer and the 'youth of today' are not interested in Jesus; where she feels that the world is just too big... but that hearing me talk about Relay and all the other Relay workers, and about CU's across the country has inspired her to live for Jesus in her little corner of the world; has reminded her that God is indeed a Big God, and He's bigger than the world, and the world is His. [Wow. Yeah. Cool. Sob.]

it's summer all over again

cant pedwar

Taking 'day off' to the extreme -

a lie in
chatting to Issy
chatting to Kat
chinese with family

(generally being lazy)

Texts from Relays.

Issy spending 6 hours in town.

Being given a total of a rather substantial amount of money (in my book) from 3 separate people in the space of an hour.

it feels a million miles and many days away

Saturday, September 09, 2006

cant tri

Getting a cheque from Catrin...written in Welsh!

Getting a direct train which meant I could sleep all the way home!

Hugs goodbye from people who I didn't know at all two weeks ago.

Ed reversing round a roundabout.

Speaking to Adelle on the phone, and her relaying a convo she had with Luc earlier that day:
Luc: "Mammy, I love you, you'remy number one!"
Adelle: "I love you too. Who's your number 2?!"
Luc: "Ceryn!"

I know it's there, I'm reaching

cant dau

Kat praying for me in the marquee.


cant ac un

Chatting to Abi.

time is slipping away


The return of Dano. Oh yes.

welcome to a year of weakness

naw deg naw

Walking round some random lanes and getting lost with some of the crew.

What Ed said.

Reading lot arriving.

Meeting some of Portsmouth exec.

monster tractors

naw deg wyth

Jess' first ever footsteps in Wales being wet-soaked footsteps. The irony.

BBQ with all the Relay workers and staff.

Interactive Sound of Music.

Go to Philippi before you go to Chirk

naw deg saith

Roseanne trying to convince us to wear UCCF-coloured hairbands.

I didn't sign up for this

naw deg chwech

Kath reading Narnia to a room full of Relay workers and then sending us off for an hour of strict don't-talk-to-anyone-but-God time.

choosing better than a flimsy flat packed faith

naw deg pump

Chopsticks and maltesers from Annie.

beware the book bullies

naw deg pedwar

Waking up at Quinta already feeling better about Relay.

Mike Reeves preach.

flowchart stylee

naw deg tri

Standing in a room full of other Relay workers who all seem to be chatting and getting on really well....feeling very scared....and (here's the 365) seeing Jess, then Drew and Ed walk through the door. I actually barged people out the way trying to run across the hall to give Jess a hug!

we're in the departure lounge